Power Outage

This morning about 6 am, our power went out. Jeff and I, well the whole family, was sleeping, but because Jeff and I run a fan at night to help drowned out sound, we were both awakened by the lack of sound and the little "pop" that happens when the electricity goes out.

Our bedroom is upstairs, and this time of year the heat is difficult to regulate in our 100 year old farm-style house! Because the temps have been ranging from the 30's at night to the low to mid 50's during the day, we've had the furnace set on 65 to 70, which causes the downstairs to be normal, but roasting upstairs, which is another reason we have a fan!

Well, as I was lying there, roasting, it reminded me of Nigeria!!! The electricity is very unstable there, and the hotels and other businesses us generators for back up. The 2nd hotel we stayed at when we were sick would turn off their generators while we were out for ministrations. Little did they know that a few of us who were really sick stayed behind that Tuesday, and they turned their generators off at noon. I remember lying there, with Sara next to me, feeling so awful, trying to get comfortable and sleep, but it was pretty useless because it was so hot in the room without any air-conditioning or even a ceiling fan (which they had both). I remember there praying to God, "Please let the electricity come back on!" Most of the time, it would come back on after a minute or two, and we would always sing "Oh Hallelujah, Jesus is the Lord!"

So, this morning as I was lying there, not nearly as uncomfortable nor sick, obviously, I said a quick prayer, and the electricity came back on. Once again, I sang, "Oh Hallelujah, Jesus is the Lord!"


  1. It's awesome when God answers big prayer requests but sometimes I like hearing about the smaller, don't seem to matter type things that God answers because it's just 'neat'. Did that make any sense? LOL

  2. LOL! Yes, it makes tons of sense! I too like hearing about the smaller things God does in our lives because we sometimes get so focused on the big things we forget to remember the small!!!


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