Mission Trip to Nigeria - Post 6

[[ Update: Today, April 15, I am starting to feel back to normal, finally. My bowel movements are not normal, yet, but they are much less frequent (cuz I know you all wanted to know this!) and I am regaining my energy! Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!]]

Wednesday April 2nd
I'm still catching up in my writing - I'm a couple of days behind because we all got sick - all of us except Denny and Clarke. We think it's the malaria medicine. James and I started feeling bad the morning we flew from Lagos to Enugu - Monday. I actually got stomach cramps Sunday night and woke up to the Big D! Yuk!!! Have had it ever since. Not to mention the light headedness and weakness. Monday afternoon, after we arrived here in Anyigba, we went to a church service at the Salem church. I spoke again there. This time I didn't cry - praise God!

In the photo to the left, is James and Zach in the Lagos Domestic airport, waiting to fly to Enugu. James is sleeping; he was doing the head bob; it was funny!

Tuesday morning - the sickness really hit us all - bad!!! We got up for an 8:30 am service - a children's service at the same church we were at the night before. We handed out WWJD bracelets to all the kids there! There were about 500! It was amazing! I had a couple come up to me and tell me they want to be my friend and asked if I could go to their house! Awe! I said I couldn't go to their house but I'd still be their friend. Their names are Grace, Christiana, Faith and Precious. [[Denny has a great photo of me surrounded by the girls and lots of other kids. I will post it here as soon as I get it from him. ]] Most all of the kids here have names like that - Blessing, Promise, Amos, Favour, Marvelous, Victor and Victoria. After the meeting, we all came home and crashed. We were supposed to go to the prison, but felt so bad that Clarke and Denny didn't make us. James and John did go though. Then last night was another church meeting, but none of us felt up to going, so just Clarke and Denny went.

Today - Yeah! I'm getting caught up! Sara and I weren't told what time we needed to be up, so we were awoken to a knock on the door. We had showered the afternoon before - thank goodness! We threw our clothes on, brushed our hair and off we went to another village. This is where Prince Amaga's Mom's house is, and where she is buried. They have another Salem church there on the property. We handed out bracelets here to everyone! The Nigerian people treat us like royalty or like superstars! They wave and smile at us and they all want to shake our hands [[and get pictures with us!]] Today we were up on stage as we were getting ready to leave and they swarmed us. I shook hands and said "bless you" to over 100 people! Thank God for the hand sanitizer. The Nigerian people aren't the cleanest. They pee out in the street and throw their trash everywhere! They have no sanitation system - it's pretty sad! Everywhere you look, there is garbage - and they don't have good water supplies, so they don't bathe or was their hands regularly.

They want to be like Americans in the way they dress. There is a mixture of people dressed in African clothing and American. It's very interesting to say the least - oh, and everyone has a cell phone! They have about 3 different systems here - MTN, Glo and Celtel. They buy prepaid cards to get credit on their phones. There are vendors everywhere! The majority of the people have something to sell. It's amazing.

I took these as we drove through Anyigba. You can see the garbage lying all over. The top two are tire shops. I'm not sure what the bottom one is, but I'm sure they are selling something out of the little yellow hut on the right.

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