Mission Trip to Nigeria - Post 7

Wednesday Evening - April 2
Today has been a nice, relaxing day. We went to the Salem church this morning from about 7 am to 10:30 am. We were dropped off at the hotel right after because Sara was feeling faint and weak. The first thing we did was take a shower!!! It felt AWESOME! It was so hot and humid today. Since then, we've just been relaxing. Three girls, Anointed, Haley and Faith came and braided our hair [[see pictures below]].

The braided hair feels so much cooler than the pony tail I've been sporting the whole trip.

And we've been playing Euchre ever since! We have another church service coming up in less than an hour. Sara is sleeping. I'm not tired, amazingly enough. We're finally finishing up the Malaria medicine Clarke gave us here that made us all sick. But, it's better than getting Malaria. We're all getting our personalities back. Yeah!

They have the most awesome fruit here; mango, bananas, pineapple, peanuts (they call them ground nuts) and cashews! They all grow very lusciously here! If the government would allow it, they could export them to other countries and be very well off! It's so sad how run down and poor these people are.

The electricity has been on most of the day today. Their power is so unstable. Our hotels have air conditioning in each room so that is nice - except when the power goes out - then it gets very hot in the rooms. And there's no escaping it by going outside.

It will be weird going home to snow and 30 -40 degree weather! I feel like Summer's already started!

Everyone is homesick! We all miss our families and significant others. John even said he wished Baby was here! Awe! I can't wait to see Ethan and Alyssa! I bet they will look so big!

Well, tomorrow we have another children's program in the morning, then we go to the University at night. Friday is light, too, then Saturday we go to Cross River State. Prince said it's the only State in Nigeria where tourists go - so I'm hoping it will be nice! I think we are there through Sunday - then Monday we fly back to Lagos - go to the orphanage, rest and relax because Tuesday we fly home! Hallelujah!!! We are taking the rickety, hot, small van to Cross River State on Saturday, and it is an 8 hour bus ride! Holy moly! that ought to be interesting!

Denny speaking to the kid's at Kogi State University.

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