Mission Trip to Nigeria - Post 8

Thursday, April 3rd
Last night was crazy!!! Each time we go to these places for ministration, as they call it here, we are treated like superstars. But, last night it was even more so! Some people on Prince's team locked hands and formed a circle around us as they escorted us out. Sara and I got mobbed a couple of times, pretty much, but we made it out safely. I don't really understand why they treat us that way, other than we are from America and they think we are rich or something.

This morning we got up about 9 am - hallelujah! We went to Kogi State University and ministered to kids again. See picture here. There were probably about 60 kids there, and...

...Well as I was in the middle of writing that, there was a knock on the door! It was the two missionaries from the US, Amanda and Danette. They came to take us to the market! Sara and I were so excited! Sara went and asked Clarke if we could go, but he said NO! But, he was saying no to the market. So the four of went back and asked if we could go to town just to look around and stuff. Clarke asked Denny (aka Papa) and Denny was OK with it! We wanted to take the boys but D and A (as they lovingly call each other) said too big of a group would attract too much attention. So, the four of us headed into the town area. We walked a ways into town then got a tricycle with a cart to hold all of us! Below, are pictures of us taken while on the back of the cart.

It was fun! Our first stop was Domi Bites where we got ice cream! The ice cream is so good here! Probably because it straight from the teat, a Zach put it. Then we walked a block or so down to the Internet cafe. I got to send out one message - it was a reply to Kara's comment on myspace. I tried to send one to Jeff but ran out of time. The next stop was "the garage". A smaller version of "the market". We took "machines" to the garage! It was so fun, probably because of the little bit of danger. But, one of the drivers is the brother of the bible college's president, so we felt safe. At the garage we got tomatoes, onions, bread and salt! We wanted avocados, but they didn't have any. So, we walked to the market. Only D went in. Amanda, Sara and I waited at the entrance. D couldn't find any ripe avocados so she only got 3 for us. We want to make sandwiches with them and the other stuff we got. We have to wait 3 days though for them to ripen. We walked the rest of the way home to our hotel, about a 10 minute walk. Clarke told us to be back by 5 pm - we were 10 minutes late. But, it was so fun - both Sara and I were glad we got to do it.

[[Side note - the rest of the trip, we were razzed by Prince, Clarke and Denny for "sneaking off", "going on motorcycle rides", etc.! They never let us live it down, and Clarke even scolded us once for it. I suppose it was dangerous, but I never would have done it alone or just Sara and I. We felt safe because the two girls with us do it everyday and they know what to do and what not to do. So, I apologize to Clarke and the rest of the team for scaring you and for any problems this may have caused.]]

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