I was searching around Google Gadgets to add to my iGoogle homepage and found a gadget that converts English into Yoda-Speak. If you aren't familiar with Star Wars (and who isn't???) Yoda is the little green Jedi Master, with pointy ears and a gruff voice.

Here are some examples of Yoda-Speak, first in English, then in Yoda-Speak:

I love you!
You, I love you! Herh herh herh.

Please clean up your messes! I am sick of the house being a mess!
Your messes clean up! Sick of the house being a mess, I am! Hmmmmmm.

Where are you going?
Going, where are you, hmm? Hmmmmmm

Why are you going there?
Going there, why are you, hmm? Yeesssssss.

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