A Typical Day

As some of you may or may not know, I am currently laid-off, a.k.a. on unemployment from North Country Aviation, as their bookkeeper. Now, I am not minding being laid-off, at all, as a matter of fact I'm loving it. I'm loving it because it gives me a chance to get my Virtual Assistant Business up and running, while still bringing in some cash. Second, I love being laid-off because I get to take care of my kids, and all the running around they require, my house and my husband! Plus, it frees me up to do more of the administrative work I do for our youth ministry at church.

My point of this post, you may be asking...or not, but I'm going to give it to you anyway...LOL. A typical day in the life of a woman starting her own VA Business.

First of all, I usually end up getting up way earlier than I used to. I find myself, lately, waking up around 6 am, tossing and turning, with thoughts of what I could/should be doing to make progress towards my new business. So about 6:30 am I usually get up and come to the computer.
Here is what I do at the computer each day:

  • Open Gmail, read any new devotions. I'm subscribed to about 6 of them that I get daily.
  • Read any other important email, although most of my Gmail is stuff from my sister and other personal stuff, that can usually wait.
  • Go to Google Reader and read new blog posts from friends and family, reply if applicable.
  • Open Twitter, post what I'm doing, (usually the same, read what other's have done or are doing.
  • Go to, my professional VA email, read, reply, etc. all that is in there.
  • Check my youth ministry email at
  • Go to my personal blog (this one...duh!) and see if I got any comments, and usually write a new post or two, sometimes three (like today!)
  • Go to my VA blog, and see if I got any new comments, and post anything exciting going on with my new venture of starting a VA Business.
  • Go to, check for any new comments, etc.
  • Open Myspace and check for new messages (none today :( )
  • Open Facebook, check for new notifications, etc. (Usually there are a bunch from my sister and my niece, Kara!)
  • Open, read and/or post on the forums
  • Open my Yahoo Group, MIVA ( and read and/or post in there.

You know how time consuming all that is???? I used to not have much to do on the computer, compared to Jeff, who can spend hours reading all the news feeds he likes in his Google Reader. But, now, holy moly, I find myself reading, posting and commenting so much anymore, I usually spend at least a couple hours just getting caught up on everything, EVERY DAY! When my VA business gets up and running, I'm really going to have to cut down on all the reading and stuff, to make wiser use of my time.

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  1. Yep it's VERY time consuming! And if you don't watch it it sucks up way more time than you thought. When I first started my VA business I had all the time in the world to let things like that 'suck' time out of me but not anymore. In fact, my Google Reader hasn't even been opened in about a month because I just haven't had time. It's definitely all about time management! And forums/message boards can suck your time too. I need to 'build' time back into my schedule for these things & stick to the time I allow for them.


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