Mistaken Identity

Ever have one of those awkward moments when you totally mistook someone for someone else??? I did yesterday at church! Before the service started, Jeff said, "Hey, Shawn is here! I wonder if Amy is here too?" (Referring to Shawn Harbin and Amy Block). So, after service, Jeff, Briana and I went up to who we both totally thought was Shawn, he hugged me, asked how I was, etc. (didn't even say a word to Jeff - which was a little wierd) and then I asked him how Amy was. He got this really puzzled look on his face and asked "Amy? Amy who?" So, as I started to feel really awkward, my face turned red, or it sure felt like it did, I said "Amy Block, your fiance'"! He replied, "My ex-fiance' is Melissa [something]". Then it hit me! This was not Shawn Harbin at all! Duh! This was...shoot I couldn't remember his name, but I did remember that he totally looks like Shawn, even though they are not related at all! So, as my brain is scrambling to remember his name, I introduced him to Jeff, and he politely said, "I'm Curtis", and it all came back to me. He used to hang out at my house, with our mutual friend Jamie Aldrich, when I was single. And that explains why he came to church with our other mutual friend, Lori Vinecki! Before the service began when Jeff pointed out that "Shawn Harbin was here", Briana said, "I think he came with Lori", which didn't make any sense to me at all, at the moment. But, now it does, and all is well, except for a moment of embarrassment. After we left the church, I asked Jeff if he had any clue that wasn't Shawn when we were first talking to him, and he said, "No", so I didn't feel so bad! Wierd!

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