A Response to Tishia's Comment

This is a response to my friend Tishia's comment on my previous post "I hope I don't lose this blog post".

Hey Tishia! Isn't it weird that we only live 4 doors down from each other, yet we talk more on the phone, or IM'ing, or email, and now blog posts, than in person. We need to work on that! Anyway!

I know you have felt disconnected and cut off from God lately, and I know that you are struggling with Caleb immensely. Jeff and I have been praying for you every night. I want to help you so badly, I just don't know how, other than prayer. I know, to some degree, what you are going through with Caleb, as I went through stuff like that with my Kaleb, when he was younger. The bright side is, he has out grown some of it...but I did go through hell through 6th grade or so. It is tough!!! And especially since you are a single mom and doing it all by yourself. I feel for you, I really do. So, how can I help you get through these rough times, till Caleb outgrows some of it? I don't know, other than to be here as your friend, and to try to encourage you to trust in God. I told my Kaleb just last night, as he was crying to me about his dad, and the stuff his dad does, to pray, pray to God, and give it all up to Him. I told him that's the only way I've gotten through all the crap I've gone through, is through prayer. I also told him not to expect God to answer his prayers overnight, or the way he thinks they should be answered. God is God and he knows what is best for us, even though things don't seem like they are getting better right away, or in our timing, but God is working on it! He's behind the scenes doing things we don't even know are happening to help us out. So be patient, and don't give up on God. He loves you as much, no, more than you love Caleb! And just as you want what's best for Caleb, so does God want what's best for you and for your son. Anytime you want to pray, or just hang out and talk, you know you can come over, or call, or whatever! I am here, and I know Jeff is too for you. He reads your blogs, and he suggests praying for you, and he is even reading up on ADHD kids, because he wants to try to help! And so do I! We love you Tishia! And so does God! Just be patient (I know that's the hardest thing to do!). But God will supply all your needs and He will help you out!

I love you! And I am here for you!

Your friend,


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  1. And God calls that Exhortation!



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