It's One A.M. and I Can't Sleep!!!

Why can't I sleep??? Because I took a two hour nap this evening!!! I have a cold, and Jeff had an Emmaus Board Meeting, so I slept while he was at that, and now I can't fall asleep, and we are getting up at 6:00 am to read our book together, over the phone, like we usually do, when his schedule allows. But, as I was lying there, trying to fall asleep, I just kept thinking that if I get up and post a blog, it might help me get sleepy. So, here I am, one a.m., typing a blog.

I don't have a specific topic in mind really. Do I ever??? Once in awhile I come to blogger.com with a specific thing I want to get out there, but not tonight. Oh well.

One of the things that comes to mind is...I killed my phone!!! Last night as Jeff was driving home after spending time with me at my apartment, we were talking, as we always do. And I have been using my handy dandy head set Jeff purchased for me, which has made it much easier to manuever around the apartment while talking. I tend to multi-task, which is what I was doing as we were talking last night, and I dropped my phone! Which, I have done before, but this time, it died! And poor Jeff didn't know what happened, because on his end was just static, then it went dead. Then he tried to call me back, and the call went straight to my voice mail. I had placed the handset in the cradle to see if charging would help at all, and as I was doing that, Jeff tried to call again, and it rang that time, but when I picked it up, I still could not get any buttons to push. I tried opening the hand set to see if I actually broke something inside, or just knocked something loose, but was unsuccesful getting it open. So, then I thought I would sign into Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger, so when Jeff got home, hopefully he would see me online and know I was ok. Well, that didn't work either!!! We had uninstalled my firewall, and reinstalled it, and so for some unknown reason, it was preventing me from opening either Messenger service. Next thing I know, Jeff is knocking at my door!!! It was locked, so I went and unlocked it and his eyes were huge...and so I rambled off what happened with the phone. Poor guy. He was almost home too, but because he loves me, he came all the way back to town to be sure I was ok. And I was! Just killed my phone! And because he loves me, he bought me a new one today! (I don't have the cash at the moment.)

It's a cool phone too! It has fun little bells and whistles on it. So, after we hung up from this evening's conversation, I programmed all my family and friends numbers in the phone book, and set up my voice mail access number, and set my ring tone and volume. The phones these days! All the technology! It's amazing.

Well, that took a whole 15 minutes to type. I just yawned once. A sign of getting sleepy? I hope so!

Tomorrow, Jeff is taking his truck in for the 100,000 mile check up! I will pick him up at Gaylord Ford at 7:45 a.m. so he doesn't have to sit at Gaylord Ford waiting for service. They are squeezing him in, so who knows what time they will actually get to it. He said to me tonight, that he is glad do to have someone to help him do this kind of stuff now. :)

Let's see...we've got some things we are praying about, so if you blog readers want to lift up in prayer with us, here they are: Upcoming decisions-God's timing; whether Jeff is to lead a certain bible study group for some youth in the UM Church; if I am to be a part of the Chrysalis board/team; my children; his sister and their new baby they are adopting; unsaved/back-slidden family and friends; and our health and jobs.

It's almost 1:30...another yawn...still not sleepy enough to hit the sack...

Wednesday is my sister's birthday! She will be 43!

My friend Angel started blogging, so that will be interesting to read!

This weekend is ATF!!! It is going to be so much fun! I cannot wait! And Jeff is going with us (GCC youth). Yeah!!! It is so awesome to see so many teens worshipping God all at the same time, in the same place.

I know God is going to use Jeff and I for youth ministry. That is another thing to pray about...His guidance and direction on exactly where and how He wants to use us, for youth, or whatever ministry! His Kingdom! Doesn't matter!

Two sneezes....still not sleepy! Whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I know 6:00 am is going to be a booger!!!!! I guess I will try to fall asleep again! You may see another post from me tonight if sleep doesn't come quickly!

Oh, check out my webpage if you haven't done so in the past 24 hours. Jeff helped me update it some. Still needs tons of work, but it's a start!

Have a fabulous evening, or day, whenever you are reading this! And remember, God loves you and so do I!

Night! (Hopefully!)

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  1. thanks for writing about me!! I appreciate it!! haha! Anyway ATF was a blast!!!!


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