I hope I don't lose this blog post!

Yesterday, I spent an hour typing a blog post. It was a good post too! Well, I went to change the font and when I highlighted my text, it all disappeared. I tried everything to get it back, but it was gone. I was so mad!!! This post just won't be the same. Oh well, maybe that one wasn't supposed to get out there for some reason, and this one is. Who knows! Only God. Anywho.

Jeff and I had a great weekend! We got lots of QT together (that would be Quality Time). Friday, we did our usual Friday night date thing. We went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's and then grocery shopping. Whooo hooo! But we both said to each other that we don't care what we do as long as we are together. But, then! After grocery shopping, we went to a co-worker's of Jeff's who was having a bon-fire in his driveway. Bon-fire, driveway, mid March Northern Michigan???? Yep! It was great! He has this portable fire pit that he set up in his driveway, and we all gathered around it and had some good conversation. It was nice meeting some more of the people Jeff works with.

Then, yesterday morning (after I typed my hour long post and it disappeared!) Jeff came and picked me up and we did our usual Saturday morning thing-laundry. We are still working on laundry as we speak (type). But then! Karlie's play was Saturday night. So, we left for Boyne City around 4:15 to meet my oldest daughter and her friend Heather at Red Mesa Grille for dinner. After dinner Trisha and Heather headed up to the Soo (Sault Ste. Marie) for a concert that both their boyfriend's were playing in. Jeff and I headed to the play.

Karlie did so well in her play. I am so proud of her! She had one of the bigger parts in the play, and a solo line in one of the songs. She did great! Jeff took some video and pics of her with his digital camera. I will get them posted on my

So, the weekend was super great, except for one minor glitch. Not minor really either. Saturday before we left for Boyne City, Trisha called me at Jeff's. She proceeded to inform me that my 14 year old son, Kaleb, broke his collar bone Wednesday snow boarding. And she proceeded to inform me that my 19 year old son, has a court date Tuesday for some trouble he got into a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, I am ticked at their father for not letting me know these things. And Trisha told me she wasn't supposed to say anything about it. Well, I wonder why that is??????!!!!! I don't have to wonder! It is because my ex wants to keep these things from me because he knows his son is following in his footsteps, and I told him and the Friend of the Court, that would happen when we were working out custody issues when we got divorced over 4 years ago. But, no, he had to buy my children with expensive dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, trampolenes, video game boxes and games, and whatever else they want. And now my son is in trouble. So, here I am ranting on my blog. Jeff and I are making a concentrated effort to pray more specifically for my ex and my kids, and we are trying to think of ways to do stuff over in Boyne more, so I can be more involved with my kids. I feel like they are just floundering around over there with no supervision, and no sense of what's right and what's wrong. Thank God my daughters are on the right track so far, attending church and church activities, and hanging out with Christian friends. I just have to keep praying for them, and placing them in God's hands, and praying for protection for them. We will see what God directs for us and them in the near future. But, if you could all just pray for them, that they would be protected and that God would send divine intervention into my sons lives so they won't get into more trouble, and so they would give their lives over to God, and see how wonderful being under His covering is!

Well, that certainly isn't what I had in my post I lost!!! But, like I said, maybe that one wasn't supposed to get posted and this one is!

This morning Jeff picked me up for the 8:45 service at Gaylord Community. The message was about covering up our sin and how when we sin we sometimes want to hide, hide from God and hide from His people. Then we went to the 10:30 service at FUMC and guess what the sermon was about as well???? Hiding from our sin. Imagine that! I know Jeff is typing more on this subject in his blog as we speak (type), so I will leave the details to him. But that just goes to show that God is everywhere, and the church is one body. All Christian, bible-based churches. It fascinates me!

Well, time to switch the laundry!

Have a blessed and fabulous day!

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  1. Hey Mary it's me....your long lost friend that lives...what? four doors down...LOL. Anyways...I think it was a God thing that I came across your blog tonight (Saturday March 26th) because I haven't been able to find it because I forgot your blog address but somehow I got here. know how "lost" I have been lately and how far from God I have been and continue to be. But when I read through some of your blogs (especially about Brandon) it amazed me that even though you are upset that you still just give it up to God. I have tried giving Caleb up to God but I don't even try to pray for him anymore because God hasn't healed him yet or shown me what to do. I am so upset with God (and I know thats wrong) that he has given me so much to handle. I remember the verse in the Bible that he wont give us more than we can handle but doesn't he see that I have had more than I can handle? Suddenly life isn't about God anymore......its about me and my hurts, my struggles, my wants, my needs. I know what I need to do and where I should be but I'm hurt, angry, frustrated and don't want to have anything to do with God anymore. I can't even bring myself to go to church anymore because I feel like an outsider, like I'm not welcome or like I don't belong. I feel disconnected from everyone and everything. Maybe moving is my way of "running" from things. I don't know. And sorry I didn't mean to ramble on so much!


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