Valentine's Day Surprises

Well, well, well! Did I mention I am dating the best man in the whole entire world!???! His Valentine's gift to me was perfect!!! A dozen red, gorgeous, roses, in a vase, with at Ty Beenie Baby Bear tied to it with a pink ribbon, with red hearts around it's neck, and the card attached to the bear has a poem entitled "Truly" and reads like this:

If you just take a look at me
My feelings are easy to see
It is simple, plain and true
So obvious that I LOVE YOU!

Isn't that the sweetest??? And to top it off, Jeff wrote a personal note to me on the card in the flowers, that was just perfect! And he personally delivered them to the office. I wasn't here, however, at the moment he brought them in. But, when I walked in my office and saw them on my desk, I blushed, and smiled the biggest smile EVER! And I even laughed out loud. Jeff did come back though, and he was soooo cute! He stood in the doorway of my office, with a cute little grin, just waiting for my reaction. I got up and kissed him and hugged him, and I think I said something like it was perfect! What a great guy!!! I couldn't ask for anything more!

But, God of course knows my needs! I got a call from a local bank, in which I went to an open house for on Friday....a schmooze fest. (I like to call it that! It's PR work.) Anyway, I entered a drawing, and I won a free front end alignment at one of the local tire places. How cool is that! Jeff and I were saying just the other day that we think my car might need one! God is soooooooo good!!!!!!

So, I pray that everyone's Valentine's Day is as blessed as mine! And for those who are wanting a relationship, I pray that you just continue to wait patiently on God, and He will supply ALL your needs at the exact moment you need them.

God bless YOU, everyone!

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  1. That's really cute. Yup, God is a cool guy.

    God Bless Ya.

    (You don't know me, incase you were wondering. I'm just cruising around random blogs.)


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