Blessings and More Blessings

I just wanted to get this post out there, so I am staying a few minutes after work to do just that!

I have been so blessed lately, I can't contain it! (Words from a Praise song we sing at church!) But, it's how I feel! God is so good to me, and I certainly don't deserve it.

First of all, God blessed me with Jeff :) You can read my previous posts about Jeff and I! But, he truly is a blessing from God. He loves me the way I've always imagined being loved by a man. And even after 3 months, we still get compliments about how well suited we are , what a cute couple, etc. And, to top it off, my kids really like him, and are excited for us, for me.

Secondly, God has been moving in my finances. I got a great raise at work, a good income tax refund...which brings me to my 3rd blessing...

I got a new car! Not a new, new car, but a new, used car. A 1996 Dodge Intrepid. Now, compared to the ghetto, 1993 Taurus I was seems new! It looks good and runs good. Although, the windshield wiper broke! The tip snapped off. But, since Jeff loves me, he bought me new windshield wipers...and put them on for me too! What a sweetheart!

Speaking of sweethearts...Valentine's Day is coming up on Monday. I wonder what surprises my sweetheart will have for me??!! I think it will be fun to see! We are going to the Valentine's Banquet that the youth is putting on as a fund-raiser for their trip to Acquire the Fire at the Palace of Auburn Hills in April. It's a 50's theme, so it will be interesting to try to dress up for it. I told Jeff he should slick his hair back...I don't think he was too thrilled about that! LOL.

Other than that...everything in my life is awesome, and I only have God to thank for it!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. Rene'21:17

    You truly are blessed. i am so glad your life is going so great. Jeff sounds wonderful. Happy Valentines day sister. Love, your sister, Rene'

  2. God Is Really Bleesing You , When I say your post it feeled my heart and i wondered will that all happen for me one day . I pray God sends me a wonderful husband soon . Please pray for me , Love Denetra

  3. Hey Mary.........yes I too hope one day that God will bless me with that husband he promised me about a 1 1/2 ago (maybe 2 years ago now). I need to learn to be patient and wait on him instead of getting "desperate" and following my "flesh".


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