Details of Kaleb's Race

This evening I had the awesome pleasure of dressing up like a great big pink and brown marshmallow and standing on a ski while my toes went numb and my knees, back and hips stiffened up! LOL. Yes, I went to my son's ski race at Boyne Mountain.

It was interesting to say the least. Kaleb got second in GS, but the interesting part was his slalom race. His first run he did amazingly awesome...until the very end. He slipped, missed a gate, and almost went through the finish gate, but was able to stop himself, climb up the hill couple of feet and go around the gate and then through the finish line. It only took him a couple of seconds to do that.

Well the time keepers are supposed to restart the clock when something like that happens. I heard them announce Kaleb's time at 28 point something but that wasn't written on the board for a really long time. The score keeper missed his time and had the boy whose name was above Kaleb's had a time of 22 point something. Well there was no way there was a 6 second difference between his and Kaleb's time. Kaleb is one of the fastest skiers in his league. Even one of the other fast skiers had a time of 28 point something, so we knew something was askew. Eventually the score keeper wrote in Kaleb's time of 28.05, but then shortly thereafter crossed it off. Everyone was confused about his time because of him missing the gate. Finally one of the race moderators went into the time keeping shack to supposedly get it all straightened out. When he got back, it was an even bigger mess.

They gave Kaleb a time of 36 seconds, which is totally ridiculous. Supposedly the time keeper restarted the time clock after he missed the gate, but everyone knows it didn't take him 8 seconds to go back up the few feet, go around that gate and then through the finish line. The finish line was only 2 meters away from that gate, which is a whole other story! We think Kaleb should have gotten a re-run, but they didn't give him one. They stuck him with the 36 seconds. When Jeff looked at the video, from what we could tell it only took him 4 to 6 seconds from when he slipped to when he went through the finish line. But, Jeff just tried to upload the video from the SDcard and it's corrupt, the whole card!!! It keeps saying it needs to be formatted, but if you format it, it will wipe it clean! Ugh!!!!

So, for the record, Kaleb got second in GS and we're not sure where he placed in slalom. We still think he did pretty well, but not first like he probably would have done. Oh well. Crap happens. What can you do? Nothing, just carry on and do your best next time.

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