Karlie's 2008 Winter Choir Concert

Karlie and EvanWe just got home from Concord Academy Boyne's annual winter concert. They have to call it that to be politically correct, but it's a Christmas concert! Concord is a charter school and a school of arts. There are no official sports teams, no Phys Ed, no cheerleaders, etc. There are however musicians, singers, artists, dancers and actors!

This year's concert was the first with the new music director. It was quite good, though it was certainly different from past years with the previous director.

We watched the 5th through 7th grade choir, then the beginning, intermediate and high school bands, and then finally the high school honors choir, which Karlie is part of. She is a soprano so it is easy for me to hear her voice above others and can that girl sing! She even got a solo part in one of the songs, which is in the video below. The picture is of her and her new boyfriend, of almost 2 months, Evan. We had to take the video and pic with Jeff's phone because we've somehow misplaced our camera!!! Booooo! I'm so sad about it! I hope we find it soon. I will hate to have Christmas without a camera!!!

Anyway, enjoy as best you can!

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  1. My dd goes to a charter school, school of the arts too - how cool! We love it. Her PE is ballroom dance - LOL. She is a sophmore this year and is in the opera conservatory, also a soprano. These schools are the best!


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