I Received My First Blog Award!!!

I was going through my Google Reader items, as I try to do everyday, but don't always get through them all, and saw that I won my first blog award! It's the "I Love Your Blog" award. My friend, fellow WAHM and fellow Twitterer Tishia nominated me! Thanks Tishia!!!

Now what I have to do, and so will you, is:

  • I pick 7 blogs that I love and mention them here.
  • If I mention your blog, you take the graphic and announce via blog that you have received the “I Love Your Blog” award.
  • Link back to yours truly as the one who gave you the award.
  • Choose 7 blogs to pass this award on to…you know those ultra cool blogs you like to read.
  • Make sure you let your award recipients know about the award by posting on their blog comments or otherwise giving them the heads up.
Here are the blogs I give the award to (in no particular order):
Mom Maven
2 Too Many Hats
Bearable Deals
Christian Stay at Home Mom
Gohn Crazy
Simple Mom
Nicole Dean

There are a few others I wanted to give this award to also, but since I write for them, I wasn't sure is that was okay or not!


  1. Hi Mary and thanks for the love :) Always nice to hear affirmations.

  2. Thank you. :) You're so sweet.

  3. Congrats to you! Blog awards are so encouraging. Thank you also for putting your pretty face on my Becoming Me side bar. :-) SO nice to meet you.

  4. Thank you! This is my first blog award, I am touched. What a great Christmas present!

  5. You are welcome :-)

  6. I love reading your work.
    Thank you for sharing all your great ideas!


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