The Road to Better Health-Update 1

Well its been only a few days, 4 to be exact, since I got my health report from my Doctor.  I've been doing really well with taking my meds and sticking to the protein diet! I picked up my script for the thyroid medicine on Sunday, so I didn't start taking it until yesterday because you have to take it on an empty stomach.  So, I take the Synthroid in the morning when I first get up, and the Niaspan at night.  The flushing isn't so bad any more.  I had a night of "flushlessness" the night before last, unless it just didn't wake me up, and a minor episode last night around 4AM.  It only lasted about 15 minutes, and seemed to affect the upper half of my body only. 

I have noticed I've been -excuse the term- peeing A LOT.  I'm not sure if it's the meds or the protein diet, but I don't mind. I feel like I'm cleaning my system out and the pee is pretty clear.  I go regularly about every hour.  I feel like I'm in the bathroom an awful lot, but it also makes me feel like I'm losing weight.

I've decided to stay off the scales until my Doctor's appointment in 2 months.  I will know I'm losing weight by the way my clothes fit (or should I say don't fit-hopefully they will be too big in 2 months!).

I've been eating as much protein as I can.  I have a Revival Soy protein shake every morning and then another around 11AM or so.  I make one in the morning before I go to work and take the rest with me for my morning snack.  I have a salad for lunch and usually cheese and/or tomatoes for a mid afternoon snack, and then high protein for dinner, like meat and a salad or veggies.  It's been pretty easy so far.  We did get pizza for dinner tonight because my son and son-in-law were painting the family room and it was just too chaotic to try to cook something.  I did only eat the cheese and meats off the pizza and was pretty satisfied. 

I've also increased my liquid intake.  That attributes to the extra peeing I'm sure, but I know I'm not drinking THAT much to increase it so much.  I bought a bunch of those powdered mixed you add to a water bottle.  I made sure they have no calories or carbs and I usually drink 2 of those a day, plus my regular intake of coffee which is 2 to 4 cups, plus the 2 protein shakes.  The liquid helps keep me satisfied between meals too.

I will keep you updated periodically as often as I can find time to post!

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