My 200th Post!

Wow, I've been blogging here since 2004 and this is my 200th post! I want it to be special so I will recap the last 4 years, because they have been pretty significant!!!

I'll start off with why I started blogging, and how! My then boyfriend-now husband, Jeff introduced me to blogging. Before we started dating, when we were still in the 'talking' stage of our relationship (because we don't talk now??? LOL) I was checking out his web site and he had a link to his blog. Of course I clicked on it, read his blog, and thought "I want one of those". So, I signed up here on Blogger and have been blogging ever since.

The first couple of years I averaged probably 3 to 4 posts a month.  Then I had a lull of blogging about once a month if at all from February 2007 to October 2007. Then in December of 2007 I posted 10 times to my blog! Ever since then I've averaged about 15 posts per month with April 2007 having 25 posts!!! Wow, I must have had a lot to say in April.  Actually it was after my mission trip to Nigeria, and I was really digging into starting my VA business. I posted 15 times regularly May and June and this month, July I have 9, this will be my tenth.  I've been super busy this month, so it's been hard to get creative and think of something to post.  Actually that's not true, I think of stuff I want to write about all the time, I just haven't had extra time to post.

Enough about stats! Now on to the recap! The first few posts were What blog wouldn't be complete without an introductory post! I have 2 of them...LOL.  I even have 2 posts about Personality,the first is the 3rd or 4th post and I then have a more recent  post about Personality. 

The next several posts were about the beginning stages of mine and Jeff's relationship. Sooo cheesy, but cute! The December posts were all about Christmas that year. And the next several posts until September 2005 were about Jeff and I and life.  The two posts in September 2005 were about getting ready for the wedding. All other posts since then, have been about love, life and God.

October 22, 2005, Trisha and Ben got married. September 30, 2006, our first Grandson was born and now our second one is due September 17, 2008! We moved from Gaylord to Boyne Falls in September of 2006 as well. We've been through two teens getting their driver's licenses, and had a young girl from youth group live with us her Senior year. Our niece, Kara moved in with us in January of 2008, along with her new baby, Alyssa. Summer of 2007, Chelsea and Brandon started dating and are still going strong.

Jeff and I have become more involved with the youth group at church, becoming "elders" to our youth pastor. We've helped coordinate taking over 200 people to Acquire the Fire each year, attended 3 Big Ticket Festivals, and this year is our second year to help coordinate the Chosen Youth Conference. I have been to Nigeria Africa and back and Jeff has been to Red Lake Indian Reservation in Minnesota, both on mission trips.

Spring of 2008 I started my own WAH business, Professional Virtual Business Solutions. I discovered how much I love blogging and how much I love working on the Internet!

Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting adventures from this wild and crazy Christian WAHM youth leader! LOL.

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  1. I can think of one word to sum everything up...busy busy busy. LOL

    I like the red you have on here now but it's really hard on my eyes reading now because of the light text on dark background. But that's just know I'm getting older so my eye sight could be going ;-)


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