Summer Time is Officially Here!

Okay, maybe not officially officially, but it sure seems like it! Yesterday, with temps in the mid to upper 70's (I sound just like Jeff...lol), it was the perfect day to put together our new bbq grill and make hamburgers! And we did just that! Karlie, Briana and I started putting the grill together before Jeff got home (and we did quite well, I might add!), and then he helped us finish. We had corn on the cob and watermelon along with our burgers! It was so yummy!!!

Karlie, enjoying some yummy watermelon!

Bri, Karlie, watermelon

Bri, enjoying a yummy piece of watermelon, on the deck. Actually, I think she was spitting seeds at Karlie...lol!

A man's best friend, okay maybe his 2nd best friend (dogs are first as the saying goes), a new bbq grill, and a very nice one at that!

Doesn't Jeff look cute in his new duds too?!? His shirt is from our shopping trip to Birch Run Saturday.

Karlie and Bri - watermelon seed spitting!

This is what summer is all about...even without leaves on the trees yet!!!


  1. Yeah for watermelon, bbq's and summer weather! YUMMY! Now I want a bbq'd burger, watermelon, corn on the cob & some more warm weather!

  2. Well come on over!!! We've got plenty left!


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