Mission Trip to Nigeria - Post 9

Me and my little buddy
James and his little buddy
All the kids with their beenies
Some residents of the orphanage

John and Zach with their little buddies
Prince, Mrs. Grosse, Daniel and Clarke, with the gift of money we took.
John and his little buddy
Zach and his little buddy
Sara and her little buddy

Sunday, April 6

I haven't written since Thursday!

Well, we got into a little bit of trouble, Sara and I for riding the motorcycles. They've (Prince and Clarke) have been razzing us every chance they get about it. They are concerned because of the danger. I guess there are a lot of accidents - which I can imagine - but I also feel like that we're not used to the driving here and the Nigerians are - so it seems a lot more dangerous to us.

The last few days have been more of the same. Friday we went to Lokoja. A 3 hour ride in a hot van stuffed with 15 people!!! It was grueling! We did, however, go see Prince's farm and hourse (2 separate locations). At his house, we had the best meal yet, made by his wife, Fortune. She made rice with shrimp. I even at a couple shrimp. And a very yummy cole-slaw type salad, but it had corn and cucumbers in it along with cabbage and peas and onions. It was sooooo good! We visited for a very short time and got back in the hot, stuffed van for a 3 hour ride back to Anyigba. Because that trip was so hard on us, they cancelled the 9 hour drive (one way!) to Cross River State, City of Calabar. Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! I think we would have died. So, instead we got to go to the orphanage. It was about an hour and 1/2 away, but it was such a blessing to be able to go and minister there. Prince prayed over a couple of crippled people there, we got a tour, and the kids seemed to love us. The warmed up to us right away. Two boys attached themselves to John and Zach immediately. Eventually as we made our way through, James, Sara, Luke and I all had kids attached. They like to be photographed and video'd. That orphanage houses about 300 children. They don't have any regular support and if we hadn't come with a gift money, they wouldn't have eaten that day. Danette, the missionary girl, was supposed to stay there 4 months but only stayed 2 days because all the kids were sick; throwing up, diaherria sick. We could see it - runny noses, one kid had a bloody nose, coughing and they were plain filthy. It was really sad to see. We handed out WWJD bracelets and yellow I heart Jesus beenies. They were very appreciative and thankful for everything - especially the money for food.

Today, Clarke and I went to the Salem church while the rest of the team went to the church at Kogi State University. It was good. Clarked deliverd a powerful message and we were welcomed very warmly.

The pictures above were taken on our way to Lokoja and at Prince's house. The crocodiles are Prince's and they are in his back yard!!! The woman with Prince is his wife. The bottom picture is the Niger river. We crossed it there and back. Pretty cool.

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