Mission Trip to Nigeria - final post


Yep, it's my final post! I thought I'd post the remainder of the pics I didn't journal about here, as most of them have a story all their own.

The pics above were taken the first Sunday we were there. After all the church services, we went to the "upper class" part of Lagos. First we went to a mall, an actual Americanized mall. It was there that we had our first Nigerian ice-cream. It was really good. We wanted to go to the beach, but A. we were in our native clothing (as you can see in these pics) and B. the beaches are not like they are here in America, they are gross. So, we went to this resort. There were mostly white people here (dressed in American clothes, mind you) and so we got drinks. The drinking age in Nigeria is 18, so the John was able to get a beer. We only had one drink. Clarke and Denny didn't drink, and neither did Zach. Of course, this was all pre-sick! It was nice and relaxing, but we did feel awkward in our native clothes!

This is in our hotel room in Lagos. Playing Euchre, of course!

Sara journaling in our hotel room in Lagos.

Above are Pastor Obi, preaching his awesome message on sexual immorality, and Prince.

Above, is James speaking and Clarke.

Above, John playing "Friend of God" with the rest of the Nigerian worship team.

The above photos were taken at the orphanage near Anyigba.

The photo above is a picture of the road we traveled down to the orphanage near Anygiba.

This picture, above, gives you an idea of how crowded we all were in the van. It's a "15 passenger van", but smaller than my 7 passenger mini-van!!!

This is a shot inside the van we took from the airport in Enugu to our hotel. We were happy that it didn't have to ride in this van very long!!!

I have all my pics posted on flickr at if you want to look at all of them!


  1. I don't know what it is about the pictures of the orphanage but man do they get to me every time I look at them. The last time I looked at pics you posted of the orphanage I started crying and once again I am wiping away tears.

  2. Awe! I think you're supposed to go to Africa to the orphanages!!!! I'll take you!!!


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