I'm blogger crazy today!!! LOL

Well, I've realized what's been missing in my life - worship music. Ever since my kids have been living with us pretty much full time now, we usually end up listening to what they like, hard rock, some Christian, some not. Not that I mind, because I like most of it and enjoy listening along with them. But, I miss those times in my car, alone, on the way to work where I would turn on "my" music and just get in the presence of God. It was my alone time with God. That was when I had my Taurus with the 10 disc CD changer in the trunk! It was my little "temple". Now that I don't have that car anymore, it's hard to find that time because I don't have 10 cd's loaded, ready to play. But, now that I have my own IPod Nano, loaded with "my" music, I will be able to find those times again, hopefully.

I've discovered that I am a worshipper! I'm not a prayer warrior, like some people who can open their mouth and the most powerful prayers come out. I'm a worshipper. I feel that deep connection with God when I am listening and singing to worship music and through that, I can sing my prayers to Him. I've been feeling sort of dry lately, not really moving forward with God, and I think this has something to do with it.

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  1. I definitely feel a deep connection with God when I'm listening to worship music too. And sometimes it's through worship music that God speaks to me.


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