Merry Christmas!

Ethan, opening his "Animal Babies" plate from Grammy and Pappy Lutz

Slipper Socks from Jeff's Mom and Dad....mmmmm warm!

Dustin, my nephew

Jenny and Gary


Brandon and Ben with their new IPods

Kaleb with his new IPod

"Baby" Cory, looking mischievious! LOL

Well, it's the day after Christmas now. I totally intended to blog yesterday, but it was hard getting to the computer because 6 of us got new IPod Nanos and they all had to download music onto them. This year we chose to get the kids (Brandon, Kaleb and Karlie) IPod Nanos instead of the usual pile of junk they usually end up don't using, or tons of clothes they end up not liking or the size is wrong. So, the unwrapping of the presents was fairly short this year, which was a nice change too.

I really enjoyed watching Ethan open his presents! He loves anything (particularly my cell phone) with buttons and lights. We got him a "Little People" Airplane (since his daddy and I work at the airport) and he has to push the pilot down to make it light up and the music play. Cute. We also got him a "Happy Home" to go along with the rest of his little town. Trisha had been looking for the Happy Home for a while but was not able to find it anywhere, except TJMaxx. In his stocking was a babydoll (which he loves!) a talking car from the movie "Cars", and a Veggie Tales CD. I think he like the babydoll the best! It is the one I mentioned in my previous blog.

And yes, I got Jeff an IPod Nano too! I ordered his from, so I got his name engraved on his for free! Pretty cool! And he got me one, so when I was finally able to get on the computer yesterday, I added some more songs to my ITunes playlist, one with all worship and one with all praise, and the main one with all my music, so I can just put it on and get in the presence of God! I can't wait for those moments when can just put on my headphones and get with God!

Christmas Eve was here at my house with my mom, my brother Cory and his wife and three kids, my nephew Dustin, and my niece Kara. My kids go to thier dad's for Christmas Eve dinner with his parents, so we started this tradition. It's fun! We all buy 5 $10 gifts, wrap them, with no names, and put them in the center of the floor. We all draw 5 numbers, and either pick a gift out of the pile or steal an opened gift from someone. If you steal, then that person gets to pick a gift or steal then. We only allowed two steals per turn to keep the game moving. It's a fun way to get some and interesting gifts.

Trisha, Ben and Ethan stayed the night here so they could wake up with us Christmas morning. We opened our gifts, then made a big breakfast, which I prepared the night before. It's called "Farmer's Casserole". Threw it in the oven and voila` we had breafast! It was yummy! I'll put the recipe in a different post, for those who might be intersted.

Well, that's Christmas in a nutshell! I hope yours was blessed!


  1. Thanks for the blog and pictures. I miss being a part of your festivities. Pictures help to make you not so far away.

  2. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! I bet Ethan was so cute opening his presents.

    We need to get together soon :-)


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