Women By Grace

I'm sitting here, at Jeff's again, playing on the computer. I am actually listening to past internet radio broadcasts from, which is hosted by Kelly McCausey and Sandra Jensen, from Gaylord Community Church (my church). It is an awesome website, and the radio show is really good, interesting and enlightening. I've been listening to the last 5 or 6 broadcasts and have gotten a lot of good guidance, advise and instruction. I encourage any readers of my blog, especially female readers, to check it out. I especially liked the broadcast about self-image. I suffer from a low self-esteem, which I work on and try to improve upon everyday, and this interview really made a lot of sense to me.

Kelly and Sandra interview various people, from all over the country, on different topics. They interview Christian authors, comedians, and even local women in the community.

In addition, the website has message boards, where you can ask questions and get good insight from awesome women of God, business women, and stay at home moms, who work out of their home. There are lots of other links to lots of other women's web sights as well, which I have not explored yet, but plan on it soon.

So, check it out ladies!

God bless!

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