Six Months

Well, Jeff wrote a post about making it past six months in our relationship, so I thought I would add my two cents!

Wow! was Jeff's remark, and is mine as well. It has been so amazing. This whole time together, and we have no doubt this is a God thing! We still get along really really well, and are building our relationship with God in the center. We pray together everyday that we can, when schedules allow. We try to go to both churches on Sunday when we can, and other services. And we make sure we are spiritually fed everyday!

We are praying about which ministries to stay involved in, and which ones we may need to cut back on, since we want to focus on our callings. We both know we are called to youth ministry and Emmaus. And Jeff is feeling led into ministering as a Pastor. So, we are praying for confirmation and direction. It's all very exciting to see where God is going to lead us!

Jeff also made comment to how he looks back at his spiritual walk every six months to see how he's grown, and that he's looked back on the past six months in our relationship to see how its grown. And again his comment was Wow! That's so cool! And I am doing the same thing...looking back at the past six months in my spiritual walk, and all I can say is Wow! God has blessed me abundantly financially, and that is due to my obedience with my finances over the last six months. I have tithed regularly, and been sticking to my budget, and taking control of the income God has given me, as opposed to letting it control me.

So, God has blessed the obedience, which he says in His Word. That has been a hard lesson for me, obedience. I have almost always followed my flesh, meaning, doing what I want, instead of what God's will is for my life. And almost always, it has meant heartache, financial ruin, being abused physically, or some other destructive consequence in my life. Not that God caused these things to happen, they happened because of my choices, of not listening to God and obeying His Word.

But, now! The last six months of obedience (and no, I haven't been perfectly obedient in everything-no one is) but, just trying my hardest to be obedient to God's word, instead of giving into my flesh, has been a real blessing! I can see God moving in my life, in my finances, in my relationship with Jeff, in my kid's lives (even tho they don't know it yet), in my ministries (youth and Emmaus specifically). It's so awesome!

And the fact that my spiritual life has grown tremendously over the last six months, only goes to show that Jeff and I are on the right track with God. I've read over and over, that one way to tell if a relationship is from God, is if your spiritual life is growing or not. And I can see, and I thing others can testify that both of ours are. So, Praise God for that!

I pray for any of those reading my blog, that if you are in a relationship, dating or courting, that you would ask yourself, Is my walk with God growing in this relationship? Am I getting to know God more? Do I pray more or less now? Do I read the Word more or less, or even the same? (by the way, I need to work on the reading God's Word more!)

I pray that every relationship would be blessed, be of God. I am here to say it is the most awesome thing! And I thank God everyday for bringing Jeff and I together!


  1. Anonymous22:43

    six months? are we supposed to be impressed? you're still in the honeymoon phase, people.


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