I'm On-line Again!

God is soooo good to me! My computer died!!!! I mean died! So, my boss goes to a garage sale that the Rotary (I think) was having, and picks up a free computer! Her husband takes it home, and gets it loaded up with everything for me! Awesome! And then Jeff (who is wonderfully smart!) gets my dsl service connected, when the person from Verizon couldn't figure it out!!!! Jeff is the BEST! So, I can post blogs more frequently now! Yeah!!!!!

Let's see what else! A group of about 50 or so people from Gaylord Community Church went skiing last Friday! What a blast! Now, let me remind you (or inform you if you don't know me that well) that I hadn't been skiing in like 14 years!!!! So, I wasn't sure if or what I'd remember! But once I got going, stuff was coming back to me. Wonderful Jeff stayed with me on the "bunny hill" the whole time, but now that I got my feet wet again, I will hit the next level of slopes!

Well, now that I am on-line and have posted my first blog from my "new" computer, I should hit the sack because Jeff and I are getting up at six am to read out of our book, "Choosing God's Best". It is about courtship vs. dating.

Have a fabulous night (or day-depending on when you read this!) God bless!

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