Lunch in the office

Today, I am taking lunch in the office due to the fact my car is in the shop getting the windshield wipers fixed, because, oh, they died! So, no car to go home and eat, but my wonderful boss, Cheryl, had food here she was willing to share! Not that I would have starved to death or anything, but I was hungry.

So, since I am here at work with access to a computer, I thought I'd post a blog. I don't really have a topic in mind other than Jeff. He is my favorite topic! I know! I will talk about God too! He's another one of my favorite topics! He (God) has been doing some awesome things in my life lately, most of which I have already posted blogs on, i.e. Jeff, Christmas, my own apartment. But, I have seen Him move in so many ways, and in my friend's lives as well. For instance, my friend Tishia. (I have a link to her blog below.) She came to church yesterday, which was so good to see. If you read her blog, you can see she's been struggling in just about all areas of her life. But, God is there for her and He loves her so much. She just has to realize it and realize that its up to her. And she is starting to realize that. She and I prayed yesterday for God to move in her life, for the "walls" between her and God to be broken down, and for God to move in the situation with her son and daycare and her job. I know God is going to do great things in her life, she just needs to let Him in again. Sometimes, when we don't live our lives just so, we let sin enter in, then we feel we can't call upon God, or we feel God is mad at us. Well, God may be hurt by our sin, because we hurt ourselves when we sin, but that doesn't mean he stops loving us or caring for us, or isn't there for us anymore. That's precisely why he sent his son, Jesus, to die for us, for our sins. So we can be forgiven, so we can draw close to God and so we can call upon him still. We just have to take the first step and ask for forgiveness and repent (turn from) our sin. Now, I know Tishia said in her blog that she doesn't even care about God, but I know that's not true. Otherwise she wouldn't blog it, and she wouldn't let me pray with her.

There are other friends of mine who have their various struggles too, and so I will continue to pray for them privately, and if they choose to come to me for prayer, I will be here for them. I just love to see God move in people's lives! Most often, it's not what we want or expect! It's BETTER!!!

Such is the case with Jeff and I. (Back to my favorite subject!) The way God moved in our lives, bringing us to each other is so much better than anything I could have done. By this I mean I tend to pick men who are control freaks, or worse, abusive in some way, mentally, emotionally and/or physically!!! But, since I let God choose the one for me, he (Jeff) is so awesome. He's godly, and strong, manly, and loving, not controlling at all, and definitely not abusive in any way! It's amazes me, truly! He has a heart for youth and a heart for worship, which are the two areas that my heart turns to. Even after 2 whole months of dating, I still say "wow". Wow to God, and Wow to Jeff. It's soooo cool! I could go on and on, but I think I will save some for another blog, another day.


  1. Hey Mary...........I haven't read your blog lately and decided to read through them tonight. It was nice to hear what you had to say. Talk to ya later. Love ya and God Bless.


  2. Hi Mary!

    This is Keith (Jeff's freind from work)...Not being nosy, just really bored and surfing a bit. I checked out Jeff's blog and he hasn't posted in a while...apparently he's got some girlfriend that keeps him busy...hehe.

    Anyhow, just wanted to comment on what you said about Jeff. Not a control freak? Try working with him!!! I'm just teasin'...he is a good godly man...and deserves a great godly woman like you! I'm very happy for you two and have never seen Jeff with as much spring in is step (like he's had for the past couple months) in the 2 and a half years I've been here. It's a very nice and very noticible change.

    God Bless,

    P.S. I liked your post about your childhood memories...What would be funny is, if you had that candy today (especially being a mom) you might think, "Yuck...that is PURE sugar". LOL

    P.P.S. Tell Jeff to blog...he's getting as bad as me!


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