My Son Is Now an Adult

Kaleb is stepping into adulthood like most typical teenage boys; he's got that "I can do what I want attitude" right now, and we keep warning him, it will come back to smack him in the face. He doesn't believe us. Ha. I guess he's going to be one to find out the hard way, unfortunately.

As a senior in high school, he's trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. He's thinking about film school or working skiing into a career. He's an awesome skier and was in the junior Olympics his freshmen year. If he disciplines himself, he definitely could do something with skiing.

Right now, he's talking about getting a tatoo, and something pierced; his arm? Weird to me, but I guess it's cool amongst his peers. I don't have a problem with tatoo's and piercings, and have told all my kids they do what they want to their bodies when they are 18 and can pay for it themselves. My other son, who is 23, has 3 tatoos and gauges in his ears, and has plans for more tat's. It will be interesting to see what tatoo Kaleb gets.

My prayer for my son is that he finds his way back to God and that he lives out his calling as an evangelist. This was spoken over him when he was 6, when I first got saved. I know God is faithful and that He is protecting him, so I am keeping the faith that Kaleb will return to God as well.

Happy 18th Birthday Kaleb! I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday to Kaleb! I am right with you on the when you are 18 and can pay for it yourself mindset. If you forbid something they only want to do it more. I know people with tats and they all have stories for each one they have - their tats have real meaning to them and usually involve significant events (birth of a child, in memory of a loved one that has passed, etc.). Yes, and keep praying, God has a plan for him.

  2. I to had the I can do what I want at 18 attitude, but I was lucky and the same great mom that Kaleb has to kinda point me in the right direction. I to made some stupid decisions and fell away from god. I think that once your 18 you have all these thoughts and all these fears. I know to me it was a smack in the face that I was growing up weather I wanted to or not. I was scared of out my mind and totall at a loss. I hadnt had god in my life like I should have. I to pray that Kaleb finds god again. Adulthood is so much easier with god in your corner, and an amazing family like he has. Its tough being 18 but it only gets better. Btw did you say piercing his arm? Weirddd...never heard of that one. I love you all and Happy Birthday little brother.

  3. Anonymous15:58

    He's a good looking kid and it sounds like you have brought him up well. :) I'm sure he'll find wonderful things to do with his gifts.

  4. Happy Birthday Kaleb! I agree with you hun! Big awakenings will happen! Our youngest just moved out a couple of months ago, and came to us the other day and told us he can't pay his car insurance this month because he lost his job. Parenting is a never ending job that's for sure.

  5. Gosh it doesn't seem possible that Kaleb can be 18 now! Geesh. Where does the time go? Happy Birthday Kaleb. Just keep on praying and one day he'll come back to where he belongs.


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