A Few of My Favorite Things ~ D

A fellow mom blogger and twitterer posted a list of her favorite things starting with the letter "K", so I accepted the challenge and she assigned me the letter "D". So, here we go, a few of my favorite things starting with the letter D:

The first one is oh so easy: Dylan, my 2 month old grandson!

Number 2 is: Digital camera! I love taking photos of my family, friends and events!

Which leads me to number 3: Digital scrapbooking! A new-found love of mine!

Number 4 would have to be: Decorating for Christmas. I love the lights, candles and everything about Christmas!

Five would have to be: Discovering great deals and bargains! I love to bargain shop and find great deals on stuff. I feel so "proud" of myself when I do. LOL.

Six Geese a Laying...just kidding! But this is a little harder than I thought! I'm really having to think hard about things that start with D! Okay 6: Drummers drumming...just kidding again! LOL. At least it started with D! Oh I know, 6: Delirious? No, I'm not delirious, yet, it's the name of one of my favorite Christian Rock bands!

Seven: We're on a roll now! David Crowder! Another awesome Christian rock artist.

Eight: DC Talk. They are not together any more, but I still love their music!

Nine: Dying my hair! Technically its called coloring, but hey! I love having my hair dyed because my natural color is drab and turning

And last but not least: Dog. I love my Mia girl.
She annoys me sometimes because she's so needy, but I do love her!

So, if you want to get in on the fun, just let me know and I will assign you a letter!!!


  1. This is totally wayy cool and seems like fun. I love the 12 days oc christmas parts added in should do stand up I tel are a hoot
    loveee ya

  2. Well of course you know I want to get in on the fun. Assign a letter please :-)

  3. Woo-hoo you did a super job! Your grandson is beautiful. I told you it was more difficult than it looked :)


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