Holiday Spirit

As you can see, I updated my background to be more fitting with the fall and Thanksgiving season. I am part of 100 days to Christmas and so I will be showing my Holiday Spirit by changing my background periodically. I like changing my background anyway and this is a good excuse. Besides, it may help others get in the Spirit of the Holidays as well.

So, here we are 59 days to Christmas! I'm already wanting to bake pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and other things that smell like the Holidays!

What is your favorite thing about the Holidays? Let's start a fun little meme by posting on your blog and linking back to mine what your ONE favorite thing is about the Holidays - it can be Thanksgiving or Christmas or a combo of both. We all know that spending time with family and friend is probably everyone's so let's not use that one. Tag your friends and family just to see what everyone says and maybe it will get you in the Holiday Spirit if you aren't already! Elaborate too...don't just use one word answers.

I'll start by saying my favorite thing (other than family and friends) is:

The smell. Yes, the smell. I love the smell of the spices used during the Holidays, the smell of the Christmas tree and the one thing that reminds me of my childhood Christmases is the smell of the "snow in a can". You know the kind used to make your windows look frosted around the edges. My mom must have used that because we lived in New Mexico and West Texas and didn't have snow. But, still today, that smell really reminds me of Christmas!

I tag Tishia, Kelly, Lisa, Briana.

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