Celebrating Ethan's 2nd Birthday!

Today after church, the family gathered at Trisha and Ben's house to celebrate Ethan's 2nd birthday.  Click here to read all about Ethan at this stage in his life.

Trisha chose the theme, "Yo Gabba Gabba" because that is one of Ethan's favorite shows. Trisha's mother-in-law painted the characters faces from the show on balloons and hung them from the ceiling with streamers in the dining room and then hung some more streamers with the cut-outs of the characters right over the table. She also had some cut-outs they printed off the Internet and taped to the plastic table cloth. Pretty cute, and inexpensive way to decorate!

All of the grandparents were there, Trisha's 3 siblings, Ben's only brother and his wife and 6 year old son, my niece and her 9 month old daughter and my 5 year old nephew were also there. So there were lots of small kids running around and it seemed very noisy in the house, especially from the 3 boys!

Ethan got some cool toys! He got a guitar from Grandpa Rick, some Yo Gabba Gabba vehicles and people from Grandma and Grandpa Stefanic, an Elmo video from Uncle Andy and Aunt Rachelle, a Speed Racer steering wheel and Elmo ball from cousin Cory, and a Diego trike from Jeff, I and the kids. He loved all the toys!

Trisha made chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and white cupcakes with vanilla icing with sprinkles.  It was all very yummo!

PA050012 Ethan and Auntie Karlie

PA050017 Opening the present from Uncle Andy and Aunt Rachelle

PA050024 On his new Diego Trike!

PA050033 Future Rock Star!

PA050039 Learning to blow out candles!

PA050049 Dylan, trying to sleep through it all!

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  1. I'm sad I wasn't up there for Ethan's birthday. I can't believe how big he is. And Dylan is absolutely adorable.


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