Highlights of the Fall '08 Youth Leader Retreat

This past weekend was the youth leader retreat for the main leaders (aka planners, visionaries) of our youth ministry, //twentyfourseven.  A couple from our church kindly let us use their summer home on Burt Lake for our retreat.  They cooked dinner for us both nights and supplied the food for the rest of our meals.  It was awesome.

Here are the pics and explanations that will pretty much describe the weekend!

P9060003 This is the first meeting on Friday night. We are all busy taking notes (aka doodling!).

P9060004 Our fearless leader, James.  He looks so official with his flip chart!

P9060008 Um, supposedly they were making us breakfast! LOL. Zach and James

P9060010 Out on the "veranda" (aka the deck). Yea, yea, we were planning and focusing on youth ministry! Yea, uh huh!

P9060013 This is Jeff, trying to get Zach to focus! LOL

P9060014 The view from the back deck. Awesome!

P9060015 The beach! (This is their back yard!)

P9060020 Cherie on the dock.

P9060022 The view of the back of the house from the dock.

P9060025 Me and Jeffy!

P9060028 Cherie and Terry...oh so cute!

P9060036 More focusing and planning (yeah right!) on the beach.  The fresh air helped clear our heads.  Sounds good, right???

P9060031 Zach and James need a little extra fresh air! They took the row boat out. It was hilarious! Windy and wavy!

P9060035 Zach. His tummy needed  more fresh air, eh

P9060030Nick, Sandy, Cherie and Terry. Awesome youth leaders!

P9060038 2 Zach and Carson, the homeowner's son.  Carson loves Zach and was his little shadow!

P9060039 Speed Scrabble, oh yeah!

P9060040 More Speed Scrabble!

P9060041 Planning by campfire! Somehow campfire's on the beach really do help you focus better!

P9060042 Proof we really were working! See the laptop screen!

P9060049 Here we are. I'm typing away on my laptop.  After this, my laptop smelled like campfire! It's better now.

P9060047 The fire. Mmmmm warm and toasty!

P9070052 Zach and Sandy, paying attention. (miracle of miracles!)

P9070050 Ah, James.  See, we really did work! See all the papers hung on the fireplace and railing?

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