I Am From

tb0278_tn I am from bell-bottom jeans and big hair,
from Tiger Beat Magazine and Etch-a-Sketch.

I am from the Yucca and mesquite bush,
and from the old oak tree, so tall in our front yard

From the sand and cacti in the backyard

I am from green chili and warm, crunchy tacos,
from Grandpa Lionel, Mom and the Alfords.

I am from “keep your chin up”.

I'm from the Presbyterian Church on the hill
and the cookies and punch on Sunday mornings.
I am from the blue flowered Easter dress
and white, shiny shoes with a “clickety” heel
and from Jesus Loves Me This I Know.

I am from the Mesilla Valley,
from the Organ Mountains and pecan trees.
From the glass eye my grandfather had
to the many wigs
my grandmother wore.
I am from the other side of my bedroom wall,
dusty, and ancient in my eyes,
where laid many photos, old toys and letters with stories all their own.

I am from these moments, etched in my memory, never to be forgotten, waiting to share.


The above poem is not my original idea, although the names, places and things are from my childhood memories. You can get the format for the poem here.  I found out about the poem on Alyssa Avant's blog.

Give it a shot yourself and comment me so I can read where you're from!


Mary Lutz

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