Why I LOVE Being a Work at Home Mom

I love working at homeA dear friend, former fellow church member and Queen of WAHM (work at home mom) stuff, posed this challenge (and contest)...write about why you love working from home, as a "booster" for us WAHM's that get, well, a little discouraged, or stressed out at times - yes that happens when you work from home - to help remember why we LOVE working from home. Here are my reasons:

I am new to the WAH world, currently working on opening my "doors" to my new Virtual Assistant Business June 1 (just 5 days away!).  But, I've been "working" from home (not getting paid yet - mind you) since about March; building my website, etc.  So this is a perspective from a new WAHM.

I love it because I get to spend that precious time with my husband and kids that one misses out on when they work in the corporate world. Along with that comes the flexibility.  I have to have a flexible schedule, and working from home allows that option, where in the corporate world one is pretty much stuck to the demanding hours of the business; you have to schedule your appointments, etc. around the company. As a WAHM, I get to choose when I work.

Another reason I LOVE being a WAHM, is because I determine my success! I am my own boss and if I need raise, I just work a little harder to get my name out there more, get another client, add another service, or whatever it takes.  If I need a vacation, I can choose when to take it, and I can take my work with me (although I don't recommend that unless it's absolutely necessary!) If I need a break, I take one, for however long I need to get refreshed. And most importantly I get paid what I feel I'm worth and what the job is worth.

As Kelly mentioned in her blog, NO pantyhose!!! That's probably my favorite part; I can sit in my pj's all day if I want; I can wear my hair the way I want and I don't even have to put on makeup if I don't feel like it that day. (Although I usually get dressed in at least jogging pants and a t-shirt, put on a little makeup and throw my hair up in a ponytail so I don't feel like a scrub all day...just so ya know!)

And the best part of WAH is...I have "met" so many lovely people on-line so far! It's amazing the comradery that develops in the on-line WAH community! If you are new to WAH, like me, I encourage you to join Mom MasterMinds. There is a wealth of invaluable information there that no WAHM should be without.  Another great place to meet other on-line mom's is Mom Bloggers Club. Those are just two of the places I recommend, but that will get you started. If you are a seasoned WAHM, then please leave comments or suggestions for us newer ones.

As Kelly mentioned in her comment, I forgot to tag some other WAHM's I'd like to see they are: Tishia and Yolanda! Come on ladies, it's fun!


  1. Great reasons for loving working at home :-) I'm definitely with ya on the no pantyhose thing! That was my biggest pet peeve about working in the vision center at Wally world - pantyhose (especially in summer! yuck!).

  2. Mary,

    These are all fabulous reasons to just love the WAH business! It may not be for everyone, but it sure seems to be working for you! Being able to set your own hours, and take business with you wherever you go are just small advantages when it comes to being a WAHM. The ability to work a job and raise your children is the ultimate payoff.

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