The Weekend Events

Trisha, about 20 weeks along. It's a boy, for those who don't know!

Saturday, Kara and Alyssa (top photo) came back from visiting my sister (Kara's mom) and family in New Mexico. Jeff and I picked them up from DTW at 9:15 pm. It was a long drive back and we didn't get back until after 2:00 am. I felt bad for Jeff because he had to work the next day. (He wanted to go; I didn't make him.) He usually manages pretty well on little sleep, and he has Tuesday off, so he will be able to "catch up" on some sleep tomorrow. But, it's nice having Kara and Alyssa back! We missed them and the house was way too quiet!

Sunday, we all got up and went to church (except Jeff because he was at work as mentioned earlier). They did a nice little tribute to mom's and my good friend and hairdresser, Lora, sang a special, "In My Daughter's Eyes" and made me cry. My kids laughed at me, of course. Kaleb called us and said he'd go to church with us, so it made it very special that he was there. Then, having Kara, Alyssa and Briana, made it almost complete. We were just missing Trisha, Ben and Ethan. They came over to the house later.

We grilled out ribs, pork tenderloin and steak. Brandon took over the grill and did an awesome job! Everything was done just as Jeff got home from work. While dinner was cooking, Karlie gave me a pedicure, thus the photo of the feet! It was awesome. She scraped off the heel crusties (grosss!!!!), lotioned and massaged them, and trimmed and painted my toenails. It was fabulous! Trisha, Ben, Ethan and Baby Boy #2 gave me a nice "Nana" card, and we are going to go to the Spa at Boyne Mountain next weekend for massages! I can't wait!!!

My Mom was over most of the day, we gave her roses for Mother's Day. Jeff sent his mom an e-card, and gave her a phone call (his parents live in Oregon). They talked for quite a while, which was nice.

Then after T, B and E, and Mom left, we watched In the Land of Women. It's an interesting movie, not sure that I love it, but it was okay. Then we watched the recordings of Top Chef and America's Next Top Model! I'm so glad to see Whitney, the plus size (RIGHT!!!) model doing so well. She is my favorite and now in the top three and she may even be a finalist. However, I do believe Anya will win the competition this season. (just my little side-note there!)

I got to take care of Alyssa while Kara worked on organizing her room. While Kara was gone, Brandon switched rooms with her. Mom and I moved her stuff upstairs, but didn't really organize it because we figured she'd like to do that herself. Alyssa was okay with me most of the time, until she got sleepy. She wanted Mama to put her to sleep and cried until Kara came and rocked her. But, once she was out, then I got to rock her some more. She will get used to us again in a few days. Of course, she loves Jeff, as all babies do. What is it with fuzzy-face men that babies love???? LOL.

I hit the sack about 11:15; it was a nice Mother's Day!

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