Mission Trip to Nigeria - post 3

Saturday, March 29

After a great nights sleep - and I mean great! - the bed was comfy and the temperature in the room is nice-I awoke this morning feeling refreshed. We were told to be ready by 10:00 am. Neither Sara nor I have an alarm clock, so I put my iPod by my bed because it has all the different time zones on it. So, at 9:00 am I woke Sara up and then started to get ready for the day. Sara got up a few minutes after I did and we were both ready to go by 9:41! We went next door to Denny and Clarke's room and were greeted by Prince - his actual name - he is on Clarke's team here in Lagos. He informed us that we still havd an hour and 10 minutes before we were leaving because it was on ly 8:50, not 9:50 like we thought. So after a little conversation with Prince, Sara and I came back to our room and rested. It was actually very nice. Then when it was clost to 10:00 we went back next door. (I think my iPod time in incorrect because of daylight savings time - maybe?) Next door we had prayer and communion with the whole team. It was amazing. As everyone was preparing to go, Sara and I asked Denny if we could go back to the orphanage with him. He asked Clarke and the only thing he advised us of was the fact that Sara needed to be ready to do worship. So we were like "Oh Yeah, she'll be ready!" So, Denny, Sara, Dr. Coral (Clarke's team doctor) and I headed to the orphanage while James, John, Zach and Luke went to a church service.

Have I mentioned what it's like driving in Lagos?! It's crazy!!! They basically have no laws. If you want to pass someone, you honk and keep moving. There are no designated lanes like in America. And many, many people own motorcycles that zoom all around. It's not uncommon to see a family of 4 or 5 all on one motorcycle! It's crazy! And they don't wear helmets. Crazy!

Back to the orphanage - Once again we were welcomed warmly - even though they weren't expecting us. Denny had wanted to go back to find out more from Deborah what the orphanage really needs, so he wanted to get with her and just spend some time talking with her. Plus there were about 27 new kids that we needed pictures and info on so we can get them a sponsor. Sara and I wanted to go because we wanted to spend some more time with the kids and see how we could help out. Plus, I think Denny appreciated us being there because Sara and I can understand their accent a little easier, so it helped with the communication.

Sara and I handing out candy to the orphans. The woman in blue is Deborah, the head of the orphanage. The kids loved the candy! They don't have things like candy and gum in Nigeria; they also don't have cavities....hmmmmmm!

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  1. I don't really know why but those pictures brought tears to my eyes.


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