The Day

I spent the day with Kara and Alyssa today. It started at about 6:00 am this morning with a phone call from Kara. Mom (whom Kara lives with) had taken my brother Cory (who also lives with my mom) to work, and Kara must have woken up in a lot of pain! She called me crying and scared and the baby was crying in the background too. And although I really didn't get much out of what Kara was saying through all the crying - hers and Alyssa's - I knew I needed to get over there right away. When I arrived, Kara opened the locked door with babe in arms, and as we walked down the hallway to the bedroom, she was half bent over, moaning. I don't remember if I took Alyssa or not, but they got in bed, and I asked Kara if she had taken her medication, and she had not. She is taking Darvocet which she is supposed to take one every 4 hours and it had been 4 and a half. So, she took one, and she was feeling better pretty quick. The poor thing was so scared and in major pain, and I guess a little panic set in with Mom not being there.

We pretty much hung out all day in the bedroom. My brother's wife and three boys also live there. The boys are 4, 3 and 8 months, and they are really rambunctious! It was pretty chaotic most of the morning, and I felt bad for Kara and the baby. I don't see how anyone can get any rest in that house, being so crowded and all. Well, about 1:30 or 2:00, Mom took Jenny and the boys to Petoskey. Shortly thereafter, Kara's eyes were getting droopy, the baby was asleep, so I left the bedroom and went into the living room. I too fell asleep. I did wake up a couple of times to hear Kara snoring! I was glad she was asleep though.

I woke up about 3:00 and played some games on my Ipod (which I'm addicted to, I might add!) and then about 3:30 I heard the baby crying, so after a few minutes (like 2) I went in to see if I could help. Kara had it all under control, just trying to get Alyssa to latch on.

I was feeling good, so we hung out for a while. We were both getting hungry, so I called Mom to see if they were going to be returning any time soon, or if I should handle dinner. She said they were going to be a while, so I ordered some pizza. Dustin called sometime in there too and was heading over, so I ordered enough for him and to have left overs in case anyone was hungry when they got home.

Dustin, Kara and I sat on the bed and ate pizza. It was nice just spending time with them.

Just as Kara was getting in the shower, everyone returned, including my brother from work. Let the craziness begin. So, Dustin and I headed out. Dustin came over to do some laundry, go to church with us in the morning and then we will go look at a car Trisha and Ben have for sale...Dustin's truck quit running (transmission or something).

Now I am home with my Karlie put it...I get to be Mom here I uploaded the pics I took with my camera phone to flickr and some are posted here.

I hope your day was blessed!


  1. That's cool that you were around and able to go hang out with Kara. I remember the pain - it's bad so I know how horrible she felt.

    Alyssa is so sweet. I just realized I never held her Saturday night! I was cuddling with Trevor too much.

  2.! Not Trevor, but that's okay!


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