Mom's birthday

Today is my mom's birthday. She is 67 today! I'm sure she will be so glad I told everyone that...LOL! But, she looks great for her age. Most people don't guess her at 67. We had this discussion the other day about how we (me, my mom and my sister) look younger than we are. Must be in the genes. Were blessed that way I guess!

Fun facts about Mom (aka Carolyn Jackson):
*Born Dec. 27, 1940
*Mom to me, my sister Christie and my brother, Cory
*Grandma of 14 (I think that's what she said the other day)
*Great Grandma to 3, almost 4 (when Kara's baby arrives)
*Owner of at least 2 cats and a dog at this moment (could be
*Loves people and takes care of her family
*Is the best Christmas present wrapper, EVER!
*Likes Goofy (Disney character)
*Likes goofy things too, and acts goofy now and then...LOL
*Wanted to marry Elvis, in his younger days, when he was still good-looking

Happy Birthday MOM! I love you!

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