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Breath, Spirit, same word. I hope you watched the video above before reading this, but if not, then I'm sure you will after you read this...I hope so anyway!

The video is a clip from one of Rob Bell's Nooma video's called Breathe. I was so inspired by it, that I wanted to post it to share with all of you. I hope and pray it inspires you as well.

The entire video is only 14 minutes long or so, but is it powerful! Rob Bell is the main teaching pastor of Mars Hill Church in Grandville Michigan. It's a 13,000 member plus church! Jeff and I have been to visit a couple of times, and are truly blessed by the anointing that Rob Bell has to teach and to minister to everyone.

Anyway, in the video, Rob describes how God's name in Hebrew, YHVH, is actually unpronouncable, and that although some might say Yahweh or Yahveh, it really sounds more like...breathing. How awesome it is to think that every breath we take IS FROM GOD! And that every time we take a breath...we are saying the name of God. Rob illustrates in the video: What's the first thing a baby must do when it's born, to make it in this world? Breathe? Or say the name of God? And what's the last thing a person does when they die? Take their last breath? Or is it when a person can no longer say the name of God, that they die? What gave Adam life? Was it when God formed him from the ground? No. It wasn't until God breathed life into him! Genesis 2:7 says, "the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being." God gave each and every one of us, whether we believe in Him or not, our living breath!

The word for breath in Hebrew is Ruhah (not sure of the spelling) and the same word Ruhah in Greek is Pneuma, and is used for Spirit. Breath, Spirit, same word! So, God's Spirit, God's Breath, is in us, is in YOU, is in me. We are all God breathed beings and without God's living breath in us, we would be nothing but dust. Nothing.

So, everytime we say, or breathe God's name, YHVH, (Yo Hay Vah Hay if you will) we should remember where we came from! Everything I do from now on, I'm going to try my hardest to use my body, by mouth, my hands, my feet for God's glory, for his kingdom! Every step I take, I'm going to remember, This is Holy Ground! Because God created it, made, and breathed life into it!

May you also try to remember that God breathed life into you, and everytime you take a breath, remember you are saying the name of God...Yo Hay Vah Hay. YHVH.

God bless!

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