A post??? Is it really a post???

Well hello!!! I know, I know, it's been way too long, too far and in between since I've blogged! I've been busy ya know. And just haven't felt much like getting on the computer at home after I spend most of my day at work on it! But, I just changed my picture and added Ethan's so I thought I'd add a few words too! Aren't you so lucky??? LOL. Just kidding.

So, what's new, right??? Well, let's see. Brandon gets out TOMORROWWWWWW! Jeff and I plan to arrive at 8:30 so we can get all the processing out of the way. Then we will bring him home and let him take a shower (a real private shower!). Then we will probably take him to his dad's house so he can pack up whatever he wants from there to bring it to our house. Then we will probably take him to Gaylord so he can use his gift cards he got at Christmas, and get him some summer clothes. Perhaps we will go out to eat too. Then we will go back home, Trisha, Ben, Ethan, Tishia, and whomever else, will probably come over and we will have a bar-b-que and a bonfire the rest of the day. It will be fun and relaxing. I cannot wait!!! In his most recent letter to me, he said he cannot wait to go to church! We will be going Sunday morning. It's memorial weekend, and our church always has a memorial service for the veterans, so Jeff may dress up in his camo's. We will see. And then Wednesday is youth group that Jeff and I help out with, and Brandon said he's interested in going there too. I know he will really enjoy it; the music, the people are more his age, etc. And there are some kids who he may be able to minister to there, who could be heading down the wrong road, where he was, that he may be able to get through to, and re-direct their paths. That's what we are praying for.

Trisha and I are having a garage sale on June 15 and 16! We are finally getting all the stuff out of storage and putting it in the sale. It will be nice to have that taken care of finally. There's so much "junk" in there. Stuff others will benefit from, but not me! LOL.

Well, it's now Sunday evening, night I should say. It's 10:30. We just got home from Ben's parent's house, a.k.a. their church too. They had a bar-b-que and bon-fire out there. It was fun. Karlie is in New York on her band trip, Kaleb is at Kaylie's and Brandon was at his dad's for a bit this afternoon. So, just Jeff and I went out. It was nice to sit around the campfire and chit-chat with everyone.

The church service was awesome this morning. Brandon did comment that he liked it, that it was very moving. We had a Memorial Service for all the veterans. Pastor Steve called everyone up who has ever served in the armed forces, so Jeff went up and they all had to tell when and where they served. And then they got a ribbon with a cross. It was moving. Most of the songs we sang were patriotic, and the worship team all dressed in red, white and blue. They had a flag folding ceremony, too and Ryan Charboneau read off the meaning of each fold. Very cool. Nice way to end the service.

Then we went to Arlene's diner for lunch/breakfast. We were starving and it was yummy. Then we went to Trisha's for a few minutes so Kaleb could meet up with Kaylie after she got off work. Then we came home, and I took a nap! I had a splitting headache! Jeff wanted to watch the Indy 500, but it was delayed right in the middle of it due to rain. Rick came and picked Brandon up and then Jeff and I went out to the Stefanic's. What a great weekend it's been so far.

Tomorrow we plan on hanging out here at the house again with the whole gang. It's supposed to be 77 and sunny, so it will be a nice day to hang out and play volley ball and stuff with everyone.

Well, I guess that catches you all up to date for now! I'll try to get on and blog more frequently.

God bless!

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  1. Hey 'stranger', not stranger as in haven't seen ya in a long time cause oh what was it - just last night? LOL! Stranger as in - blog stranger :-) Time to keep up with the blogging woman ;-) I know life gets busy. I'll probably see ya later today :-) Luv ya.


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