I lost another post!!!

I noticed the other day as I was making some minor changes to my setting in blogger, that I lost one of my posts! It was in there, Jeff had even read it! It was about our trip to Alive and stuff. So, I am confused as to why it disappeared! I didn't make any major changes to my settings that would have made it disappear. Jeff checked into it and he didn't see anything and couldn't figure it out either! Oh well! It's gone now.

Anyway, it basically said we had a great time at the Alive Festival in Ohio. We took 4 girls from the FUMC youth group. Amidst all the dust and heat, and nasty porta-johns, it still was awesome! Everyone in our group got to see some of their most favorite Christian bands. My favorites were Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys, Third Day, Roper, Building 429, Reliant K, Switchfoot and Thousand Foot Krutch. There were several more. David Crowder and Chris Tomlin were the worship leaders and they both were fabulous as well. There were several speakers, including David Nassar, Laurie Polich, Phil Joel (of the Newsboys), and Ron Luce (founder of ATF).

Jeff and I bought David Nassar's books, "A Call to Die", and "A Call to Grace". They are both 40 day devotionals. We started "A Call to Die" as our new devotional to read to each other over the phone and when we are alone (since it is an everyday thing). It has been really good for us. It discusses and challenges you to die to your selfish, fleshly desires and live for God. Jeff and I have given up kissing!!! Not just for the 40 days, but until our wedding day!!! How awesome is that! It's been DIFFICULT I must say, not to kiss him, cuz he's so darn cute, and godly, and wonderful! But, we are committed to not kissing until our wedding day, because, it is one thing, one sacrifice, one fleshly desire, we both have. And plus, it just makes us want to go too far physically, and we don't want to do that! This will just make us stronger and God will honor and bless our future marriage for waiting!

I guess that pretty much says all I said in my other post I lost!!! It's a little different of course, cuz today is a different day! But, in a nut shell, it's the same! LOL.

God loves you and so do I!

(The photo is from the Alive Festival. It is Toby Mac)

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