Granny Hubbard

Granny Hubbard is my dad's mom. She is lying in the hospital in Texas right now, waiting to go home to Jesus. She has been very sick for a while. I was told her sodium was too low, so her brain acted like it was having a stroke, and she has pneumonia. She was on life-support, but yesterday evening, she told the doctors/nurses that she didn't want it anymore. My sister said she has a picture of Jesus by her bed and was telling him she is ready to come home.

I've only seen my Granny Hubbard 3 times in my life; once when I was 9 or 10, once when my oldest daughter Trisha was a baby, and then in September 2003, Trisha and I went to Texas for her 87th (??) birthday. The latest trip, she was in a rehabilitation hospital due to a stroke. My sister was there as well, with her husband and kids. It was a great family reunion! I got to meet many of my relatives on my dad's side that I have never met before or hadn't seen since I was a kid. Although Granny was in the hospital, she was very happy to see us, and she really lit up, when she realized my sister and I were there.

I won't get to go down and see her, to say good-bye to her earthly body. I am sad, yet joyous, because she has Jesus in her heart and will be with Him in heaven, healthy and whole, once again!

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