Christmas Play

Last night, Sunday, Dec. 19th was the final night our Christmas Play at Church. We did the classic Christmas story of Scrooge. It was a lot of work, but in the end it turned out very well, and very professional, even though all of the actors are amateurs. We began rehearsing back in the beginning of October, and by Opening Night, Friday, December 17, 2004, we all had become our characters and the church was transformed into a small 19th Century village. Our youth pastor, Pastor Ray, really "looked" the part. His costume and his appearance were truly the most authentic, in my opinion. Gary, who played Scrooge, did an excellent job!!! He went from grumpy, greedy, heartless, old Scrooge, to a happy, jolly, giving Scrooge, so smoothly and believably. The best part about our play is that we stuck to the original version, in that we didn't take Jesus out of it.And that the reason Scrooge changed so much, is because he realized how bad he had been toward others, how greedy and unkind, and he asked God to forgive him, and accepted Jesus into his heart as his Lord and Savior. We had 23 salvations, and we know we planted more seeds into the hearts of others through this play, which was our purpose. There were many compliments given by the community, and each night ended with a standing ovation from the audience! I believe the community of Gaylord truly enjoyed the show. As soon as pics get posted to our church's web site, I will be sure to make a note of it on my blog! I have seen most of the pics and they are very good as well. Thanks to our church photographer, Sharolyn!

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